A passion for life


We’re Jessika and Zaina, Frenchies, foodies, and bon vivants with a sporty side. We’re also wildly passionate about life.

Our journey to health began when we saw the destruction that was being caused by the consumption of processed products.


The hassles of everyday life.

Our city lifestyle was stressful, doing more harm than good.
So, for the sake of our health, we made a change.

We committed ourselves to a life that embraces a well-mind, a healthy body, a flourishing environment, as well as success.

floewe_about us
floewe_about us


Our journey

Our path took several turns into health-specific avenues and provided many unique solutions, but none offered a complete all-round benefit.

Then, curiously, we investigated the ocean’s ancient powers and discovered the natural wonder of algae.

Seaweed became our revolution; powerful, and rich.
We realized that with this abundant wonder ingredient, we could achieve excellent human health, and with this at heart,

FLOEWE was born

floewe_about us


Taking a bold step towards better health.

Well-being, health, care, and sustainability are at the heart of the FLOEWE way.

This is why we’re dedicating our efforts to the communities that are nurturing Floewe to life, and to all the passionate seaweed lovers.


Hope you enjoy it.

We want to create a healthier, and more environmentally conscious community, so we’re committing to developing chemical free products.

We want the world to enjoy the same positive experience we’ve brought to those close to us.

floewe_about us