<h1 style=”letter-spacing: 0px; font-size: 4em; font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0; text-align: left;”>Making a difference</h1>

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<p style=”font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0;”>ForestEffect manages specialised funds with a focus on corporate sustainability and ethical principles.</p>
<p style=”font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0;”>We are passionate about sustainable agri-commodity value chains and natural climate solutions.</p>
<p style=”font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0;”>Our purpose is to make a difference for society and the wider world, while also delivering solid financial returns for our clients.</p>

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<p style=”font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0;”>Globally, the focus on investments in environmental, social and governance projects is increasing rapidly.</p>
<p style=”font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0;”>At ForestEffect Management we put ESG factors at the heart of our investment process. Investing for a better future by working closely together with investors is key to our success.</p>
<p style=”font-weight: 500; color: #e6e1e0;”>To ensure maximum results we engage with policy makers on ESG issues and stewardship matters, driving positive change collectively.</p>

<h1 style=”letter-spacing: 0px; font-size: 2.7em; font-weight: 500; color: rgba(0,0,0,0.7); text-align: left;”>ForestEffect Management helps investors build resilient portfolios to achieve better long-term results.</h1>