Supercharge your Health with Floewe’s natural & unique Seaweed Range

If eating excites you, then hold on tight because there’s a new super-food making serious waves: A pure and natural seaweed product. Considering how easily we’re lured away from our kitchen stovetops by the lip-smacking flavours of our favourite take-outs, it may be the perfect time to look at the real impact of our grazing habits on our well-being and how we can improve our relationship with food.


Imagine for a second that you could eat amazingly healthy food and have your taste buds sing with joy at the same time. Well, imagine no more my friends, because the FLOEWE range of organic seaweed products is here to deliver a deliciously nourishing food experience.

Eat well…the FLOEWE way

Bonjour, We’re Jessika and Zaina, the founders of FLOEWE.
We live at a pace that asks a lot of our health, and burnout is a reality. Just like you, we want the most out of life, and to achieve that, it’s essential we super-charge our bodies and minds with nutrition that’s both tasty and healthy, no compromise.

In search of a better way, we committed to making healthy living a real possibility in a world smitten with fast, convenient food options. We set out to find a source of vitality that would provide holistic nourishment and become a welcomed part of everyday life.

We investigated countless health-specific initiatives, but we struggled to find an all-round solution.
Until…. out of the sea, like a mystery revealed, the power of algae presented us with answers and inspired the birth of FLOEWE – a powerful range of natural seaweed products with holistic health & wellness benefits.

So, what makes this ocean gem such a revelation?


An ancient gift

Well, this nutrient-rich resource has been providing isolated communities with life-saving sustenance for centuries, and now offers a much-needed boost for today’s constantly “on the go” generation. Seaweed’s versatility supported humans in many ways, from vital nutrition to fuel to medicine, making it the ocean’s “go-to” gift for all-round prosperity.

Today, we’ve harnessed the essence of this powerful resource, ensuring the FLOEWE range of natural seaweed supplements delivers the same benefits to life that the ancient communities enjoyed.
With Mother Nature’s nurturing seal of approval and nourishing power supporting us, our exciting range of super-foods not only delivers essential vitamins and minerals, but also gets us wildly enthusiastic about mealtimes.

Eat well, be well and live joyfully she implores….. and so we shall!


Super-food, better health

Enjoying life to the fullest means you’ve always got to be ready, and you can’t back down from anything. For us, this starts with healthy living and by easily incorporating FLOEWE into our daily diet to improve our health capital.

  • When we need physical and mental energy to help us take on the world and win, we rely on the protein rich power of Pure Dulse.
  • For a strong immune system to help us withstand the hard-knocks of everyday life, we make sure to enjoy the smooth-textured Pure Chondrus.
  • The deliciously nutty Pure Himanthalia promotes the youthfulness we all desire, giving us the glowing confidence needed to meet the world head on.
  • And the pleasantly savoury Pure Kombu gives us the cleanse we need to feel amazing and perform at our peak.

So, what makes FLOEWE such a premium seaweed experience?
Our algae is grown wild and is harvested in protected ocean nature reserves that enjoy the best light and pristine seawater. It’s cultivated by the finest “sea gardeners” who ensure ancient practices are upheld to bring you an authentic, quality-rich product.

Seaweed is the ocean’s gift to us so we’re doing our best to nurture the source of this wonder plant and ensure the environments we rely on continue to thrive.


Journey with us…

FLOEWE is more than just an amazing range of organic super foods… We’re on a mission to promote complete well-being through positive eating: yes, we want you to munch away and live well in the process! Our communities are enjoying a super-food induced spring in their step from the FLOEWE range, and this is just the start, so join us on a journey that’ll help you become the best version of yourself.

Take a peek at our exciting product range to find out more about their benefits and how they can enhance your mealtimes, your snacks, and your health.

We’d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at to know more about our prooducts and use Floewe’s natural seaweed supplement.
You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get the most out of the FLOEWE way and to watch our story unfold.

Super-charge your health with FLOEWE today.


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